Come Together…

2 05 2011

It has been awhile since my last post, so there is a lot to cover!

Here is a pretty complete body drawing!  Sorry the picture quality of my drawings is so bad in this post, but you get the idea.

We have moved from feet to hands.  Hands have similar construction to feet, as stated in the last post.  The hands are just a modification of the feet, designed to grab and assist the body in functional ways, instead of bearing weight. The thumbs have one less joint and are what make humans so unique!  In order to avoid sausage-like fingers while drawing, it is important to emphasize the bone structure. It is also very easy to make hands and feet way too small.  Look at the head as a reference to make sure you have them large enough! Hands and feet are definitely my weakness when drawing the body.  I will need a lot more practice to feel comfortable drawing them.  It is a good thing to practice every once in awhile so you do not get rusty.

We then moved into the head and face.  To draw the human head you must understand the structure of the skull. This will give you a better understanding of the different planes the head has.  The face and head do not have much muscle definition, so the skull is the most important reference when drawing a face.  You should pay close attention to the nasal bone and zygomatic bone.

Here is the beginning of a face drawing from class.  I was drawing from below so I got a good nostril shot.  I am really pleased on how the eyes turned out.  I wish I was able to get more done, but this is a good start!  I can’t wait to start my self portrait.  I have been waiting to draw faces all semester.  I love drawing portraits! I have learned some new things that have really made my drawings more realistic.  And once again it has to do with planes.  This class has really opened my eyes to drawing.  I have never been so excited to draw.  It’s like working out a puzzle.  While drawing the eyes, it is good to emphasize the sphere shape of the eye, and the iris and pupil are their own part of a sphere, like a drop of water on the white part.  The top eyelid has 3 planes, while the bottom has only 2.  Planes are according to the eyebrow arch usually. I need to practice the mouth next…




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